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The homes and buildings in the Cincinnati area are rich with history. If you want to restore an existing structure, rely on our team at Anderson Building Restoration in North Avondale, OH. We’re an experienced team that’s local, thorough, and dedicated to our work. 

As a full-service masonry contractor, we offer expert tuck pointing services. Tuck pointing involves the restoration of existing mortar in between the bricks to give it a polished look. Worrying about water seeping in or structural issues is a thing of the past. New or restored mortar guarantees the durability of your building or home, and tuck pointing maintains the original integrity and appearance. 

Our team is also extremely skilled at brick laying and stone wall repair. They’ll make sure to find materials that match the current look before they begin. After they’re finished, you’ll be left with a seamless and smooth product that looks brand new, and you won’t even know their team was there, thanks to their thorough cleanup services.  

Repaired brick wall by Anderson Building Contractors

OUr MAsonry Services Include:

Building restoration is our main goal. We take pride in helping those within the community and have for over 30 years. Let our experienced team show you why we’re known for our attention to detail and thorough work. 

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